Working Person’s Store Introduces a New Way to Shop Black Friday

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South Bend, IN – Last year Working Person’s Store amped up their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and turned them into a five day event, The Fantastic Five. This year, WPS customers are in for an even longer sales event with the Spectacular 7 Sale. For seven days will be introducing new sales every day, including flash sales throughout the day. Continue Reading…

Working Person’s Store Named Best in Class from the Interactive Media Awards

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Working Person’s Store is proud to announce that they have won the Best in Class award for Retail from the Interactive Media Awards. The judging process is rigorous with the categories of design, content, feature functionality, usability, and standards compliance. WPS scored 94, 100, 99, 92, and 95 respectively with a total of 480 out of 500 for the retail website. Continue Reading…

WPS Makes the Internet Retailer Mobile 500!

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Working Person’s Store has done it again! Coming in at 379 on the 2015 Internet Retailer Mobile 500 list, they are one of the fastest growing online mobile retailers. In today’s world of smartphone, tablets, and the newest phablet, having a site that converts easily on these mobile devices is an absolute necessity. Being in the top 500 of all the E-Commerce companies is one of the greatest honors any online retailer can receive. Continue Reading…

Getting Creative with Your Sales and Coupons!


It’s important to feel valued.  That’s as true in business as it is in life generally. And as a retailer, aside from the great service you offer, a thank-you goes a long way to turning a satisfied customer into a loyal customer. Working Person’s Store does a great job with marketing sales and coupon codes and here are some of the things they do, as well as other suggestions.

Finding ways to show that you value your customers is important, as it shows you care about them and helps build a long-lasting and rewarding relationship. Sales and coupons can make your customers feel really special, they can be fun, insightful, show that you understand the needs of different and specific groups of your customer base and by giving something away you’re making them feel good. Continue Reading…

WPS Welcomes an Online Catalog

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Working Person’s Store puts out two catalogs a year. Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. The WPS catalog features the very best there is to offer in workwear and work footwear for both men and women and now the catalog can be accessed online!

The very same catalog that you get in your mail twice a year is now online, which makes the process even easier. Now you can browse, pick what you want, and then you can instantly order because you’re already there. Working Person’s Store wants everyone’s shopping experience to be as easy and enjoyable as possible. Continue Reading…

Making the 2nd 500 List

wps second 500With a record amount of money being spent on Internet shopping, it pays to be an e-commerce business. It is expected that $1.4 trillion will be spent on online shopping by the year 2015 according to There are so many e-commerce companies that being recognized in the top 1,000 e-commerce retailers of North America is a huge accomplishment. Among the top 1,000 is Working Person’s Store at number 568. Continue Reading…

Community Involvement: Great for Everyone Involved

Community Involvement WPS

No matter the size of your business, company, organization, etc. one thing always rings true; being involved in the community in which you do your business is always a good thing for everyone involved.  Your company can show how appreciated the support of the community is and the community will appreciate the acknowledgement.

First, you’ll want to pick a charity, local sports team, or something of the like to sponsor. If you can afford to, do more than one of these things. For example, you could donate 1% of your profits for the year to your local charity of choice and you could also sponsor one of the local summer baseball teams. When deciding how you would like to give back to your community, picking something relevant to your business is important. Your company will benefit by showing support for the customers that use your company’s services. Continue Reading…

The Internet and Your Company

The Internet and your Company

These days, it is nearly impossible to be away from the Internet. Every company, regardless of the size, should have a webpage at the very least. By using the Internet and having what your business offers on a website can bring your company more profits than you could have 20 years ago by just advertising locally. Today the world wide web offers your company just that, THE WORLD!

Last week we touched on social media and that is a huge part of the online presence; however, there are many other ways to utilize the Internet. Having a website dedicated to your company is a huge aspect of having an online presence. Now, how do you go about getting a website? There are a few options, but always keep in mind what is most cost effective for your company. Do you have someone capable of building a site and do you have the capital to pay them? If so, that is your answer. There are also free websites that give you templates and walk you through making your own site. As always, do your research. Talk with your team and decide what would be the best for your company. Continue Reading…

Advertising on Social Media

Advertising on social mediaSo, you’ve probably heard that social media is a free way to advertise and in a sense this is a true statement. You can represent your business through your social media sites all you want and not pay a cent, but if you want all of your followers and their friends to see your ad, you are going to want to spend some money. Although you will be spending money, the money spent is significantly less than what your business would spend for radio or television spots.

At Working Person’s Store, we have tried many different avenues when it comes to advertising on social platforms. Everything from Promoted Tweets on Twitter, LinkedIn Ads, to paying to promote on Facebook. We’ve also used Yelp promotions. Just like choosing what social media sites you want to use, choosing which mediums to advertise through is an elimination process. Some will work for your business and some will not. Continue Reading…

Social Media: How to get Started

Social Media Site Selection

The future of retail is all about being available on the device and medium your customers use and that can mean different combinations based on the time of day.  As social media evolves, we retailers must determine where we need to be to connect with our customers.

There are many social media sites available to us and new sites are on the way that focus on specific topics of conversation.  You may find yourself asking where should you begin as we do in that we find we can’t do a great job distributing our message effectively as the number of outlets continues to grow.

The thing we focus on most regarding social media sites is demographics and we conduct research on which social sites a particular demographic uses.  We have found that Facebook is universal in that the majority of our audience have a Facebook account. Now, that doesn’t mean they use it a lot, but most have one.  As a result, maintaining a business Facebook page is productive for us.

With so many other mediums to choose from, how do you make the best choices for your retail business? Let’s say your demographic is tech savvy women ages 18-45. Pinterest could be a great option for businesses with this demo. There is also Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Wanelo, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many more. Do your research and find out where you fit into the spectrum of these mediums.

Continue Reading…

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