Respect your Customers and Their Complaints

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Don’t let customer complaints get you down. You can’t please everyone, but you can take those complaints and turn them into a learning experience for your employees, as well as learn more about your business and how to make your customers have a better experience when dealing with your company.

If you’re a retailer, you know that people are often hard to please. The littlest mistake could turn a customer away from ever doing business with you again, unless handled properly. How can you properly handle a customer complaint, you might be wondering. Follow these steps and you’ll have the best chance at regaining the customer’s trust. Continue Reading…

Don’t Let Résumés Get You Down

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After posting a job online, you probably get hundreds of résumés. How do you even begin to go through all of them? Finding someone to fill a position in your company can often be the most frustrating part of your job. So many choices, but you don’t have the time to go through every single résumé or to do some recruiting of your own. You could hire a recruiting company, or someone to do this for you, but sometimes that’s not in the budget. When your budget is tight and you need to find employees to fill positions in your company, the following tips can assist you in doing so. Continue Reading…

Be Stress Free and Organized

Be Stress Free and Organized

Our lives are busy. We consume more information than we ever have since the existence of human beings. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, chats, texts, emails, apps, games, you get the point. Learning to balance all of the incoming information is key to keeping yourself not only sane, but organized as well. Continue Reading…

A Few Digital Marketing Tips

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Everyone knows that digital marketing is part of the deal these days. When you own a business, you want to have an online presence; however, how much of the things people say about digital marketing are actually important to your business? Here are a few tips and suggestions as to what you should and should not worry about when it comes to marketing your business online. Continue Reading…

Working Person’s Store Keeps Growing


Working Person’s Store added over 6,000 square feet to their South Bend fulfillment operations center, giving them over 23,000 square feet of warehouse space. The additional space to the Working Person’s Store fulfillment location will help facilitate their growing online and direct sales businesses.

Working Person’s Store’s Rewards Program is growing as well. There are over 20,000 members that participated in the program in the last 90 days. The program offers customers ways to earn rewards points by reviewing, sharing, liking, and purchasing products. These points can be used for merchandise sold at Continue Reading…

Knowing your Customers

Know your Customers Denigear Blog

What is the most important thing when you’re trying to grow your small business? That’s a question many wish they had an answer to and although we can’t give you the correct answer for every business, we do know that knowing your customers and what they want is very high on that list of importance, if not at the top. Once you are in tuned to your customers needs and wants you’ll be able to help them get the most pleasant experience from the service(s) you offer. Continue Reading…

Working Person’s Store Introduces a New Way to Shop Black Friday

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South Bend, IN – Last year Working Person’s Store amped up their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and turned them into a five day event, The Fantastic Five. This year, WPS customers are in for an even longer sales event with the Spectacular 7 Sale. For seven days will be introducing new sales every day, including flash sales throughout the day. Continue Reading…

Working Person’s Store Named Best in Class from the Interactive Media Awards

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Working Person’s Store is proud to announce that they have won the Best in Class award for Retail from the Interactive Media Awards. The judging process is rigorous with the categories of design, content, feature functionality, usability, and standards compliance. WPS scored 94, 100, 99, 92, and 95 respectively with a total of 480 out of 500 for the retail website. Continue Reading…

WPS Makes the Internet Retailer Mobile 500!

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Working Person’s Store has done it again! Coming in at 379 on the 2015 Internet Retailer Mobile 500 list, they are one of the fastest growing online mobile retailers. In today’s world of smartphone, tablets, and the newest phablet, having a site that converts easily on these mobile devices is an absolute necessity. Being in the top 500 of all the E-Commerce companies is one of the greatest honors any online retailer can receive. Continue Reading…

Getting Creative with Your Sales and Coupons!


It’s important to feel valued.  That’s as true in business as it is in life generally. And as a retailer, aside from the great service you offer, a thank-you goes a long way to turning a satisfied customer into a loyal customer. Working Person’s Store does a great job with marketing sales and coupon codes and here are some of the things they do, as well as other suggestions.

Finding ways to show that you value your customers is important, as it shows you care about them and helps build a long-lasting and rewarding relationship. Sales and coupons can make your customers feel really special, they can be fun, insightful, show that you understand the needs of different and specific groups of your customer base and by giving something away you’re making them feel good. Continue Reading…

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