You can identify needs, fulfill those needs and achieve customer satisfaction by using the effective Three Phases Of Selling. Effective use of selling phases can help address most customer objections and the need to memorize closing statements and archaic methods. This process follows a natural progression and results in a win/win outcome for your customer and your company.

Opening Phase
Customers determine if they have a comfortable level of trust and rapport with your associate in the first four seconds to four minutes of the Opening Phase. It is critical to make an excellent first impression.

Interview Phase
You will determine what the customer really wants or needs during the Interview Phase. Be sure to take your time here and make your customer comfortable so they have the opportunity to be involved and to share their feelings and opinions. The information gathered will be very useful during the Presentation Phase.

Presentation Phase
Once you have all of the information the customer has to offer during the Interview Phase you can begin to present your products and services that will meet the customer’s expectations during the Presentation Phase. Now you are dealing with facts from the Interview Phase and you are not having to guess or frustrate the customer by presenting things they don’t want or need.