_____      I have a clear mission for my retail business

_____   It is in writing

_____   It is communicated to everyone in my company

_____   I have a clear plan for my retail business for the year

_____   It is in writing

_____   It is communicated to everyone in my company

_____   I have a budget for my retail business and review it monthly

_____   I know my sales and gross profit goals

_____   I review my Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet statements monthly

_____   I maintain an ongoing cash flow projection every month

_____   I have personnel policies in writing

_____   I have job descriptions for my team

_____   I conduct annual performance evaluations

_____   I treat my team and vendors with respect and dignity

_____   I take the time to hire well

_____   I providing training to my team

_____   I coach my team’s professional development

_____   I stay current on my market niche

_____   I stay current on industry trends

_____   My retail business supports the community through donations and charitable work

_____   I have a plan to improve myself and my leadership skills

_____   I am good at managing my time and I effectively delegate to my team

_____   I have effective policies and procedures in place  and review them regularly

_____   I set aside an hour per week just to think about my retail business

_____   I run effective meetings and have good follow through

_____   I have good communication in my retail business and information flows efficiently

_____   I catch my team doing things right

_____   I treat my team with respect and engage them in making the business successful

_____   I have an incentive program to reward my team that is tied to metrics that motivate

_____   I take care and pay attention to my health and get regular exercise

_____   I balance my work life with my personal life

_____   I am going to take a great vacation this year

_____   I take the time to read for business and personal interests

_____   I set at least one personal, non business related goal this year

_____   I run my business, my retail business does not run me