The Ten Laws Of Listening

  1. Let people finish what they are trying to say before you speak.
  2. If the person hesitates, try to encourage them to continue rather than start your reply.
  3. Withhold judgment about the person’s idea until they finish.
  4. Listen fully even though you think you know what they are going to say.
  5. Listen non-judgmentally even if you do not like the person speaking.
  6. Stop what you are doing and give full attention to the person speaking.
  7. Give the person speaking appropriate eye contact, head nods and non-verbals to indicate you are listening.
  8. Listen fully regardless of the speaker’s manner of speaking (grammar, choice of words, accent).
  9. Ask the person to clarify their ideas so you fully understand.
  10. Restate and paraphrase to make sure you understand.