1. Items needing reordered by vendor or buyer by location
  2. Sales report by brand with a date range-detail
  3. Place PO for items needing reordered
  4. Place PO directly with manufacturer through online ordering, fax, or phone
  5. Confirm that previous days PO’s have been received by the manufacturer, update backorder dates, and cancel items with extended backorder dates or out-of-stock items
  6. Contact customers of any items committed that are cancelled by manufacturer and cancel off their order
  7. Updating product in your system (adding styles, colors, sizes, etc.)


  1. Run report for open PO’s: update b/o dates, cancellations, and close open PO’s older than 30-60 days dependent upon brand size and variation.
  2. Check top selling items for fill ins
  3. Contact salespeople for items that need to be reordered


  1. Inventory Meeting with buyers and other functional areas to ensure inventory needs are being met


  1. Contact vendor sales reps for a list of new items, sizes, colors dropped


  1. Make sure everything is aligned for fall/spring orders (ship dates, quantities, etc.)
  2. Set goals for upcoming quarter

Other Considerations:

  1. Monthly budget for bigger brands to help control cash flow