Position Title: President & CEO

Primary Focus:  To plan, develop and establish company policy and objectives either personally or through subordinate personnel.

Organizational Relationships:

  • Responsible to the ________ Board of Directors
  • Reporting to the CEO are:


The Chief Executive Officer possesses the authority needed to accomplish approved business objectives.  When necessary, the objectives may be delegated to others that can be better performed by them.  The CEO is however, responsible to accomplish the duties he is charged to perform.



    1. To initiate, in conjunction with the executive team, an Annual Operations Plan that will define strategy, establish objectives and describe in appropriate detail the operational implementation necessary to meet the stated objectives.  Present the completed plan for Board of Director approval at the scheduled November Board meeting.
    2. To develop policies with regard to operations, personnel, planning, and compensation in conjunction with the Steering Committee (executive team).
    3. To initiate planning for potential new product lines, services and/or changes to present product lines and services.
    4. To work with the Steering Committee to review and revise major company policy. Recommended changes to be presented for review and approval at the September Planning Meeting.
    5. To stay abreast of changing legal, technical, vendor and department operational data.
    6. To follow the formally approved salary administration program as contained within the Annual Operating Budget.
    1. To develop and maintain an organization plan and structure that will maximize the skills and talents of individuals within the company and that will support the accomplishment of the Annual Operations Plan.
    2. To identify, recruit, train and develop individuals to assume positions when and as such positions become available.
    3. To direct an in-house Development Program that enables department leaders to accomplish their duties and responsibilities.
    4. To update the Company Organization Chart monthly.
    5. To insure the maintenance, updating and security of company/employee records, intellectual materials and confidential files and memorandum.
    1. To receive from each direct report their annually updated Job Description, Performance Standards and Annual Planning Calendar.
    2. To ensure regular and accurate reviews of activities and performance.
    3. To maintain regular reporting and evaluation sessions for each individual reporting to the CEO.
    4. To develop and maintain a personal awareness and understanding of each of the Company’s departments.
    5. To develop ways to receive direct feedback from employees, vendors, customers and others having an interest in the business.
    6. To direct and ensure that approved department policies are defined in writing, updated and protected.
    7. To monitor and control purchases which ensures the planned Annual Budget is met.
    8. To monitor that each newly hired employee completes their mandatory development program within the allotted time period.
    9. To maintain regular reporting and evaluation sessions with each individual reporting to the CEO.
    1. To delegate, by the use of appropriate policy and procedure, authority for decision-making to the level or position within the department where such decisions can be most competently and intelligently made.
    2. To consult fully with those involved in relation to the making of major decisions reserved for the Chief Executive Officer and to keep the number of such decisions at an absolute minimum.
    3. To recommend appropriate action to the Steering Committee and/or Board of Directors as it is needed, requested or required.
    1. To develop the confidence and respect of fellow workers.
    2. To encourage an environment of mutual confidence and trust.
    3. To develop among those reporting to the Chief Executive Officer a continued desire to excel in the performance of their responsibilities and to recognize their accomplishments.
    4. To improve communication and cooperation among those reporting to the Chief Executive Officer.
    5. To develop and encourage a service mind-set that will fulfill the company’s mission
    6. To give support to others within the company as it is requested, needed, etc.
    1. To develop and maintain a personal relationship and growth of fellow employees by word and deed.
    2. To support and promote the Company’s overall five and ten year Business Plans.
    3. To be an example of diligence in no work and persistence in pursuing and exceeding planned performance.
    4. To encourage participation of colleagues in the planning and decision-making process.
    5. To represent the Company in ways which enhance the reputation of each.
    6. To instill within the Company a feeling of complete trust and security by demonstrating a sense of urgency, competence and willingness to serve.
    7. To work with the Board of Directors in maintaining and directing community relations so that community member confidence in the Company is established and strengthened.
    8. To always reward and promote the loyal, most qualified, and the most likely to succeed employees and job candidates.
    1. To develop clear objectives and standards of performance for the position of Chief Executive Officer and those reporting to him/her.
    2. To preserve and expand the base of existing resources consistent with the policies, directives and resolutions of the Board of Directors.


  1. To report to and work with the Board of Directors and the executive team Steering Committees.
  2. To promote the Company through personal contacts, public speaking, writing, etc.
  3. To ensure the recruitment of new company employees as they are needed.
  4. To handle all business matters with a sense of urgency.
  5. To accept responsibility for personal growth and development.