Salary Increase Modification Form

THIS AGREEMENT dated as of _____________, 20___ by and between ________________________, an _________________ corporation, and _________________ hereinafter referred to as Associate, whose address is:IN CONSIDERATION of past satisfactory work performance, ________________________ grants a salary increase to employee on the terms and conditions set forth herein.


The duties of employee shall be those of _____________________, which is a _____________-time _________________ position.  Associate must contribute a minimum of ________________work hours per calendar week.


Associate shall be paid at the rate of $___________ per _______________ in accordance with ________________________ standard salary schedule of a ____________-hour minimum workweek.

[Associate shall be paid commission through personal performance and business performance, which will be measured and paid on a monthly basis.  Said scale will be reviewed and agreed upon quarterly.]

Employee shall also receive such benefits to which employee is entitled and be subject to such policies as published in the Associate’s Handbook from time-to-time modified by ________________________.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have caused the Agreement to be signed and delivered as of the date set forth above.