Minimum Customer Requirements

Based on our continued customer contact we believe there are several minimum requirements we must meet:

1.  Have available the merchandise selection, type and supply our customers want:

  • Select and purchase the right merchandise based upon customer preference.
  • Work closely with suppliers to ensure the merchandise is available with adequate style and size selection.
  • Provide a continuous flow of new merchandise. Known is that retail businesses with an earned reputation for always having something new sustain customer interest and thus earn repeat business.  Surveys also show a strong point that customer repeat store visits stem from their having the right merchandise available in ample styles and sizes.
  •  Frequently changed displays, windows, interior, etc.
  •  Utilize point of purchase signage
  •  Ensure all products are priced

2. Provide outstanding service. Customers remember knowledgeable sales personnel and  because of this will return. To accomplish this we need to do the following:

  • Understand our business sales cycles (paydays/rainy days/tax refund/holidays) and staff in order to provide superior service during these heavy sales times
  • Exhibit professionalism in all aspects of the retail business
  • Hire and develop employees who want to learn a significant amount of product and business knowledge
  • Provide products that represent good value for the customer
  • These are the types of actions that tell customers the business is dependable, has what they want and will be delivered through service provides they like. Said another way, “Please the customer and sales will automatically flow.”