Life Purpose

Life Purpose

Helping Teammates With Their Life Purpose

Life Purpose

Leaders can assist those within the organization to commit to the Company’s mission as well as to their own through an understanding of their life purpose. This is critically important since for people to serve well most often depends upon their ability to find purpose in their work. We know people need life purpose. They also want to know their life has value. The result of this is the desire to be treated with dignity by those who care about them. In fact, the need for life purpose is so strong that when not provided by leadership, teammates will create their own meaning. The result of this may not necessarily be complimentary to the Company’s goals.

To assist our teammates in reaching maximum personal job satisfaction requires of us as leaders to implement specific philosophies and practices which make your company different from other companies. It requires of us to view work as a unique opportunity to serve others, make a personal contribution and to personally grow and develop. It also requires of us to carefully plan for the future.

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