Time Management

Everyone, both those doing manual or knowledge work needs to place a continued focus on sharpening their work abilities.

One improvement area requiring continued review and study is that of the management of one’s time through effective time management methods and tools.

When speaking about time management it is important to recognize that time is difficult to measure because everything takes so much longer than it should and twice as long as the boss thinks it should.

Time is Totally irreplaceable!

Nothing else distinguishes effective people from those around them as much as their tender loving care of time. The problem though is that most people are ill-equipped to manage time.

Those who do manage it well have learned to record, manage and consolidate their time usage.

Recording Time

If there is one thing than can help a person in the management of their time, it is to make sure they know where their time goes. One can accomplish this task by recording on a time log where their time has been spent over an given time period.

Managing Time

By managing their time, effective people control their time. They do this by sitting down on a prescribed basis  to accomplish the following goals:

  • Identify their most common time wasters
  • Develop a plan which eliminates common time wasters
  • Plan their activities for a pre-determined upcoming time period
  • Communicate their plan to those with a need to know

Consolidating Time

Major decisions cannot be made in dribs and drabs or between meetings and phone calls. The effective person knows how important it is to require solid continuous chunks of time during which to make major decisions.