Personal Job Contribution

Many people in the workplace consider their major job responsibility is  simply to work- without giving any serious consideration to the overall contribution they are being relied upon to accomplish.

The effective person understands exactly the work they are to accomplish and the contribution they are to provide. They do this by providing an answer to the following question, “What is it I do that justifies my being on the payroll.?”  Through this type of focus they become occupied with the results they are to accomplish rather than the efforts they are to expend.  When questioned by others as to their duties and responsibilities, they answer as follows:

 “It is my job to give to our personnel the right information they need to make the right decisions.”

 “I am responsible for finding out what products the customers will want tomorrow.”

 “I have to think through and prepare for the decisions the company will have to face tomorrow.”

From this we see it is the person who focuses on contribution, who accepts the responsibility for the result (no matter the level within the organization) is in the most literal sense of the phrase truly effective.