Looking For Unused Potential In The Job

Looking for the unused potential in the job means to fully accept all of the challenges to be found within the job. This is critically important to both the employee and the company since far too often what is considered excellent performance is often but a pale shadow of the job’s potential or the person’s actual contribution ability.  This is especially important since in most cases people respond to the level of the demands made upon them.  In fact, it is those within the organization who continually set high personal contribution goals that raise the sights and standards of everyone with whom they work.

The effective person also continually asks this of those around them, “What contribution from me do you require to make your own personal organizational contribution? “When do you need it?”, “How do you need it?”, “In what form do you need it?”

And, when delivering answers to the above, they  continually do so by focusing on the basic requirements which are needed in bringing about effective human relations and organizational harmony: