Staff Effectively

The effective company makes common people achieve uncommon performance.  It understands its task is to use the strength of each team member  as a building block for performance.

When staffing for strength, the effective organization follows four rules:

  1. Any job that has defeated two or three people in succession, even though each had performed well in previous assignments, must be assumed unfit for human beings.  It must be redesigned.
  2. Each job must be made both demanding and big.
  3. The organization always starts out with what each team member can do rather than what the job requires.  This in turn, requires the organization to do it’s thinking about people long before the decision on filling a job has to be made.
  4. Know that to get strength one has to put up with weaknesses.

Performance Measurement

Know that all one can ever measure is performance and that this is all that should be measured.  Some form of appraisal system is needed with each organization lest the personnel evaluation is made at the wrong time- when a job has to be filled.

Making Product  Ones’s Own Strengths and the Strengths of Others

The effective person tries to be themselves and by doing so avoids pretending to be someone else.  They look hard at their own performance and results. As a consequence they try to discern a pattern. They continually ask this question of themselves, “What am I able to do with relative ease what seems rather hard for other people to do or accomplish?”

Effective people also strive to make fully productive the strengths of those around them. They ask these questions related to the other person:

  • What can this person do really well?
  • What does this person need to know to effectively utilize their strengths?
  • What does this person need from me to be able to effectively perform?

Proper answers to the above questions further allows the organization to properly structure positions within it.  This is especially important since structuring jobs to fit personality is almost certain to lead to favoritism and conformity.  No organization can afford either.  Instead every position must be focused on strength. This in turn requires of the leaders to look for, find and place within each position the person possessing the necessary strengths corresponding to the jobs needs and requirements.