“Through shared vision and good values, common people can accomplish extraordinary things.”

A job shouldn’t just be a means to an end; it should be a partnering of life purpose with productive work.  At WorkingPerson.com, our leadership understands the natural need to know life’s significance, especially in relation to daily work. Our quality products and staff reflect this need and seek to provide customers with merchandise that has purpose.

Because our leadership at WorkingPerson.com wants to help employees grow in the Company, we work to understand their perspectives. It’s our goal to be great encouragers; thus, we strive to help them pursue loyalty, dedication, and ongoing employment with us.  Just as much as we care that our Carhartt jeans will last customers many years, we care about each employee on a personal and professional level. We don’t want anyone to be a nameless face in a crowd. Great companies who have lost this understanding have not remained great for very long.

As a result of this individual attention, we expect effective leaders to support and be as well supported as their feet in a pair of our Ironclad Rocky work boots. In order for any collaboration to work, a frontrunner is needed.  The leader we need is someone whose traits separate them from the rest of the pack. What Working Person’s Store requests leaders to exhibit follows:

  • Healthy disposition toward others
  • Ability to embody constant integrity
  • Desire to achieve short and long-term goals
  • Attitude that is pleased but never satisfied with present results
  • Skill to promote and teach personal talents to others
  • Responsibility to find others’ strengths and push them to succeed as a result
  • Capacity to make decisions based on the company’s core philosophy, values, and beliefs
  • Able to guard against company bureaucracy
  • Adept at understanding that some work on the business and some work in the business
  • Gifted at ensuring the business provides to customers what it has told them it would

Effective company leaders, by the very nature of the work they are to accomplish, must be developers of people, risk takers, and continuously striving to learn and grow themselves. Like the exceptional quality of our products, so must our leaders be.