“Find out what customers want and give it to them.”

Remember when a retailer could compete through pricing or unique product?  Those days are long over.  Now, companies are faced with the challenge of finding creative ways to distinguish themselves from the competition. Perhaps offering a superior service would work, such as being able to know exactly what the customer wants and when they want it.

Customer value management thinking means that we at Working Person’s Store have worked so that we can keep everything current, including products, prices, processes, and services. While it may be considered a radical thought, it is our goal to understand what our customers want and to provide that for them by aligning our business based on their needs. That also involves earning customer feedback to provide the best experience for our customers.

The most important aspects of communication a business uses to convey its message to customers revolves around store location, store design, store layout, assortment, and, of course, its advertising.

In this process of bettering our business for customers, we have focused on seven (7) rules to achieve beneficial return on advertising expenditures:

1. Executing a sufficient ad budget
2. Targeting the market with extreme accuracy
3. Selecting proper media outlets (PPC, cable, TV, radio, etc.)
4. Supplying quality of advertising materials- branding
5. Advertising consistently
6. Combining imagination and innovation
7. Maintaining advertisement performance records to measure ROI

With these seven rules, Working Person’s Store is able to better concentrate on what our valued customers need and deliver a better experience that is leaps and bounds above the competition.