Working Person’s Store cares about customers and their attitudes toward shopping with us for their work footwear and clothing.

Market researchers have placed shoppers into five categories based on customer attitudes.

The first category is the Quality Shopper. This customer puts quality and fashion ahead of price. They comprise 10% of the market. These shoppers prefer a moderate degree of personal service, take pleasure in the shopping experience, and are usually only loyal to a few well-selected stores.  Working Person’s Store provides all of our shoppers with excellent quality.  For example, Chippewa Boots showcase work boots that are built with quality materials and workmanship.  Chippewa boots are a perfect choice for the Quality Shopper.

The second category is known as the Specialty Shopper. These shoppers are marked by their deep faithfulness to a store. Like Quality Shoppers, price is not as important to them as quality and fashion. They too prefer a reasonable level of personal service and make up 15% of the market.

Of course we want every working person who visits, reads our catalog or visits our store to become loyal to us. That is why we strive to meet the needs of every working person who visits so that they come back. Have a company, school, or other business? We offer a Business to Business program that makes it simple to buy in bulk with volume discounts and custom embroidery. Just buying for you? Worried about your wallet? We provide free shipping and free returns; in this economy, we strive to help you save every hard-earned penny because we understand.

The third category of shopper is known as the Sociable Shopper. Unlike the previous two types of shoppers, this buyer thrives on excellent, personal, in-store service. Many are older or retired, allowing them more time to shop. They encompass 10% of the market.

When anyone visits, it is easy to see our desire to provide the quality attention our customers deserve. There are many features that promote this. One is our Wish List where anyone can keep track of things they may want currently or in the future. Another is our Customer Service section at the bottom of our homepage. This lists every possible way to contact us, including our phone number, email address, FAQ section, and a live, online chat! Whatever your preference, we make our availability a priority.

The fourth category of shopper is known as the Price-Sensitive Non-Shopper. Because of their moderate-income levels, these shoppers are forced into shopping around. Time is something they don’t have a lot of, so these buyers rely heavily on discounts, closeouts, and other such bargains. Due to their hurried nature, in-store service is a low priority for them. They comprise 35% of the market.

In light of the time-sensitive need of these shoppers,  online purchasing on makes it easy to click and buy, saving everyone time. With a convenient shopping cart in the top right corner of every page, it’s easy to track spending and number of items. Another time and money saver we offer is a Specials category on our home page which, when clicked, takes our customers straight to all of our current deals and bargains. One final feature we have that makes life easier for our customers is a 120% price match guarantee. That means if you purchase something from our site and then find the same item elsewhere at a lower price within 10 days of your purchase, you not only get full credit for the price difference, but you also get an additional 20% off the difference just for the hassle.

The fifth, and final, category of shopper is known as the Price Sensitive Shopper. These buyers are driven by cost but enjoy shopping and make up 30% of the market.

Like the fourth type of shopper, these Price Sensitive Shoppers can benefit from our easy-to-track orders, Specials page, and price match guarantee. In addition, offers free coupons and deals that can be emailed as soon as they are available online. Looking for a Helly Hansen jacket but wanting a good deal? We have placed red tags that say “DEAL” on items that have been marked down so they’re easier to spot. In every way, we want you to get a great bargain with us.

Working Person’s Store must select the customer segment they most want to serve. Regardless the selection, we want to distinguish our business above the rest by meeting as many customer needs as possible. With that task comes the responsibility to be prepared. That means every workday, every merchandising decision, every technical and service decision needs to be focused clearly on providing exceptional customer service. We value our customers above all else, so our business evolves around them.