Six Reasons for Customer Loyalty

We make our customers the focus of our business. We do research and strive to provide a number of services that benefit you so that you keep giving us the same loyalty we give you.

We have learned that there are at least six reasons that customers return time and again to shop at a specific store.

1. Fully stocked.
Having the right selection and not running out is of the utmost importance. Buyers will come back if they know a store has what they need. Continually being out of stock (especially for a destination store) means a loss of customers. We take pride in keeping our site not only stocked of favorite work footwear and clothing, but also stocked with a wide variety to fit many needs.

2. Prompt service.
Saving a customer time gives a business a friend for life. Today’s shopper wants to get in and get out fast. This is accomplished by training sales staff to respond quickly and appropriately as customers enter the store.  We work to provide excellent customer service and we even have a live chat so as not to keep anyone waiting.

3. Value.
A good deal isn’t that great if the product or service doesn’t do something the customer needs. Buyers will be loyal to a store that satisfies their personal needs, even if the price is higher. Working Person’s Store offers free returns and shipping, adding to a plethora of deals for a truly excellent bargain hunt.

4. Visual merchandising.
The old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If that is the case, then every business needs a display with a clear, professional point of sales materials.  Working Person’s Store offers this to customers on every page and with every product. Seeing is believing!

5. Professional Help.
Shoppers will return to the store that has associates who can answer their questions in a clear, concise manner. When customers can’t get the answers they need, they lose time. Time is money. Thus, stores need to ensure that their employees are more knowledgeable than anyone else’s. We keep our communication going via phone, email, and instant chatting tools so that all customers get the attention and answers they need.

6. Explore what Competitors Ignore.
Despite their size, the warehouse discount store can’t cover all of the bases. Smart vendors identify and exploit the gaps in the competition’s marketing plan. Once finding what merchandise and services these big stores lack, it is easier to instill and promote these things. We want to provide the care these stores simply can’t.

Working Person’s Store takes the time to understand our customers to provide the type of services that will keep you coming back.