Six Tenets of the Big Box Discounter

Working Person’s Store is in no means a big box discounter. However, we do endeavor to merge the prices and merchandising of larger companies with the quality and service of smaller companies to ensure the best possible outcome for our valued customers.

In the quest for lower prices and better merchandising, it is important to understand the six tenets the big box discounter adheres to.

1. An appeal to the lowest prices.
2. An excess of square footage.
3. A method of merchandising based on the concept “Pile it high, sell it cheap.”
4. The elimination of service.
5. The implementation of self-service shelving, techniques, etc.
6. An abundance of advertising with the primary message “Items sold below cost.”

Working Person’s Store works to compete with big box companies by keeping prices competitive, product selection better and back it with service and training. Through our frequent specials and coupons and easy online access, we present the best of both worlds.