Protecting Customer Privacy

Marketers are able to put messages in front of audiences like never before due in part to the growth of smartphone technology. Anything from daily deals, store locations, and weekly ads can be seen in real time. Many people are attached to their mobile devices, so it is akin to walking around with a billboard in their pocket. This can be an incredibly powerful way to market to a variety of customers.

One problem that stems from this high level of connectedness is the potential for lack of privacy, which a national survey of smartphone users confirmed as their number one fear. Consumers are right, even wise, in this concern; many companies have had legal woes for taking sensitive data without user permission or even consciousness. The Federal Trade Commission has filed and settled lawsuits against two app developers in the last six months alone for violating set privacy policies.  Working Person’s Store understands those concerns and has gone to great lengths to ensure our customers’ privacy is protected at all times.

Due to this growing concern, mobile marketers, along with companies that sell online, must make customer privacy a brand asset, not a liability. If a company can provide customers with excellent and proven privacy, it can competitively distinguish brands while shielding marketing investments from any pricey future court cases.

There are three steps that must be taken to ensure customers feel your company is safe and reliable.

1. Get a privacy policy. Many companies, such have all recently come to the conclusion that mobile apps need clear-cut privacy policies. These policies give customers the peace of mind knowing that the company has nothing to hide. At Working Person’s Store, we take privacy very seriously. A privacy policy link on our home page lets customers see our commitment to that privacy and gives three easy points of contact to get in touch with us. We want you to feel safe with our company.

2. Evaluate ad partners. Mobile providers and ad networks aid in supplying marketing messages, but understanding the data collected and how it is used is essential. It is important to consider if their privacy standards are on par with your company’s standards. Working Person’s Store partners with many companies to bring our customers the best products. We also check to make sure their privacy values align with ours and never sell or rent your personal information to third parties without your consent.

3. Acquire only the data you need. For many companies, it may be enticing to collect as much customer data as possible. Just like mobile apps don’t need a lot of data to perform the main function of their product, so companies should also shy away from trying to get too much information from a customer. Working Person’s Store strives to take care, not advantage, of our customers. All who shop with us are considered valued. Above all, we want you to feel supported and protected. Weíll never ask you to provide what is not necessary, because your privacy is important to us.

Maintaining customer privacy and protection are of the utmost significance to everyone at Working Person’s Store.