Video Marketing Benefits

There is an old saying, “To see is to believe.” Consumers are visual and everything from advertising to store set up is meant to entice people. One medium that has been around and is still changing is video. With internet videos going viral, it is important for businesses to be current with consumer trends.

There are five tips to help cross-channel retailers take full advantage of all the benefits a video has to offer.

1. Create your own videos. No one can describe a brand or products better than the company that sells them can. That’s why businesses that made their own videos saw more than 70% of the top converting videos. Did you know that Working Person’s Store has a YouTube channel? On it, we display various products and show their functions so that our customers can make more informed decisions.

2. Shorter videos sell better. As a general practice, any videos should be kept short. Videos with the most converting lasted 30 seconds or less. Some products require longer videos, but our YouTube channel videos average below 1 minute to give customers a great visual review.

3. Make your videos both mobile and social. Companies need to make sure that any videos they make are compatible for mobile devices. Smartphones have access to YouTube, making our videos easy to watch from your smartphone. Funny and emotional videos get shared often, but 48 percent of all shared videos are simple product videos. These basic videos are important because they are from what consumers base choices and ask questions.

4. Use video site maps for video search engine optimization. Make your video available on several sites that can be seen when searching for any number of related topics.

5. Make videos interactive. Allowing consumers to buy a product, shop for similar products, compare ratings and reviews, and click on interactive links and hotspots all in the video player itself designs an interactive shopping experience.

Everything in relation to creating product video means making the shopping encounter more enjoyable and accessible to our customers. At Working Person’s Store, we want shopping to be something enjoyable, informational, and at your fingertips.