Why Our Customers Stay With Us

As more choices have become available to consumers, many shoppers have become more well-informed and knowledgeable, raising the bar for companies to appeal to them. Coupon clipping is a way of life for many in this down economy, and customers expect retailers to empathize by keeping prices low.

This frugality has paved the way for less loyal shoppers driven mainly by price. A report from Planet Retail finds six key developments that will shape the world of private labeling in 2012 and beyond.

1. Customer endorsement. Because of heightened awareness from social media, customer endorsement is on the rise. Companies are involving customers in the decision-making process more often. This could be through feedback or new product suggestions. Asking customers for opinions on products both builds trust and ensures quality goods. At Working Person’s Store, we love to hear back from customers and are open to making changes so that shopping with us is an experience that keeps you coming back.

2. Cherry picking the tiers. If your business has a great product but another business has an equally great product at a lesser price, the consumer is going where it will hurt their wallets less. Working Person’s Store strives to give quality products at great prices so our loyal customers donít need to look elsewhere.

3. Technology. In today’s fast-paced everything, businesses need to keep up to reach as many consumers as possible. This means QR codes, internet shopping, an app for a company, etc. It can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest, but making an effort to discover what is most effective for your customer is what counts.  For example, the Working Person’s Store site makes browsing brands and prices a breeze. Have a question while youíre shopping? We offer Live Chat during business hours and provide plenty of ways to give us feedback. Sticking to a budget? Our shopping cart that appears on every page helps you track your order and see how much you’re planning on spending. Our goal is that technology makes life easier for our customers.

4. Brand emulation. Almost every shopping category is highly competitive. Other companies offer similar products at similar prices. How do we set our company apart? We set high standards because of our ambition to serve our customers well. This includes customer feedback, top rated products, excellent service, and affordable prices. Working Person’s Store wants to be the best in every way.

5. From exclusivity to ubiquity. A company today needs to branch out and expand, whether it is opening another location or figuring out ways to serve the needs of a larger demographic. Through monitoring customer patterns and advice, as well as making prices competitive, we endeavor to broaden our customer base.

6. Globalization. This goal focuses not just on expanding demographic in our country but also in the world wide economy. Working Person’s Store wants to maintain our reputation of outstanding service and quality products. This means continuing to grow and make healthy choices for our companyís future. Excellence is a standard that is needed in every country.

With this report in mind, Working Person’s Store is able to focus on several areas that all point to a common, and most important, denominator of customer loyalty and satisfaction.