Coupon Code Convenience

Everyone loves the rush a good deal provides. There are even TV shows dedicated to those obsessed with clipping coupons and buying only sale or clearance items. Retail businesses are increasingly using this avenue of marketing to attract and build customer loyalty as well as to enhance the shopping experience. But what if a customer realizes someone else benefitted from a discount they didn’t get?

Many retail websites feature a fill-in box at checkout that asks the customer, “Do you have a promo code or coupon?”  While some may have a discount code, others are distracted by not having one. Now companies are adding phrases like “How do I get one?” or “Find one now.” Buyers feel the retail business is helping them get a better deal by linking to discounts. If a customer in search of a discount on the Macy’s website and they click “Find one now,” they are taken to a page that shows all current promotions, codes, and expiration dates. The convenience and option of not digging through the Sunday paper keeps more customers loyal.

How would your retail business benefit from deploying a similar program?   Offering coupon codes and promos on your site keeps customers on your site which will improve your conversion rates.  You run promotions to increase sales, so make it easy for your customers to use the promotion. Don’t make them hunt for a code.

Any retail business with an online site should consider having a coupon and promo code page on your site to increase customer loyalty, name visibility, and reduction of competitor commissions. Now that sounds like a great deal!