For many companies, creating an email list is a continual priority. Some entice customers to add their email with regular contests, giveaways, and coupons.

While creating this growth is essential to grow your marketing efforts, it can be a challenge for companies. With so many email coming at customers every day, people are become leery of adding theirs to a new list. Now, businesses must work to convince their customers that adding their company’s emails are worth it.

At, email is a great way for customers to receive the latest promotions and product additions. The site already makes it easy to access Specials, such as sale and clearance items. By signing up for their emails, customers are alerted to coupons and other deals.

Email is an extremely effective way of branding. As Shawn Myers, a product marketing manager for Responsys, stated, “Even as new things like social and mobile become important, email list growth is fundamental. You have to make it enticing and easy for people to sign up.”

In a recent study done by MarketingSherpa, 73% of email marketers are seeing list growth. While this is down from years past, the value of the customer is better.

“While free things are always a nice enticement, businesses shouldn’t use them all the time, because the customer will come to expect them,” says Jeanne Jennings, an email marketing strategy consultant. “The goal isn’t to have a really big email list; the goal is to have an active email list of people who interact a lot with your brand on the list.”

She also notes that the best incentives are those that align with the content of the brand’s email program.

At, email contain promotions on big brands that many customers buy, as well as Specials and Opportunity Buys. Because everyone gets so many emails a day, it’s important to make sure the emails your business provides are sales and promos your customers will actually use and need.