We all know that high amounts of quality website traffic is a good thing. We focus significant energy into tracking that traffic, keeping count and finding out where it is coming from. However, the number of retail website visitors means little if that traffic isn’t converting into sales. Websites can be powerful tools when it comes to growing a business, especially when website visitors convert and become costumers.

So, how can we make that website traffic meaningful? How do you make the sale to an online costumer with whom you canĂ­t directly interact?

The secret to converting traffic to sales lies in part to the design of the website. The truth is that, if you aim to convert, not just any web design will do. Customers typically gravitate to stores with excellent customer service, a friendly online experience (everything works as it should) and good organization. The same is true of websites. When your website is user-friendly with support and contact information easy to find, your visitors are more likely to make a purchase.

The layout itself can also be used as a way to generate sales. Important information should be included in the top portion of the web page as research shows that users’ attention is most often focused at the top of web pages. If visitors are interested in what they see at the top, they are more likely to continue scrolling down and reading more.

Similar to setting up displays in a physical store, a well-designed website will highlight certain features of products and display images in a visually-appealing way. In the same way, the look and feel of the website should be consistent throughout. Color schemes and graphics should look clean and be free of distracting visuals.

Take the updated work boots page on WorkingPerson.com as an example. Boots are organized by type and are accompanied by crisp images. Features are highlighted in the text, but the descriptions are brief and enticing enough to encourage the visitor to explore. The menu on the left allows visitors to quickly and easily shop by boot type and by boot brand.

Remember, in the fast-paced world of web design, change is good! Sometimes all it takes are some simple updates and reorganization to make your website reach its full potential.