New information from may change your mind about who you aim your marketing efforts to. According to Hightable, women are the primary decision-makers when it comes to consumer spending in American households. From home decor to cars, women, particularly mothers, are making on average 83-87 percent of all purchase decisions. They even top men in categories such as home-improvement projects and electronics.

The changing role of the American mother is one factor driving these numbers. Today, moms are more likely to be college-educated, have a career and/or be unmarried. The multitasking lifestyle of moms today could be the reason why moms today are big users of smartphones and tablets, which can lead to an increase in online shopping. The stats show that every year, more and more women are shopping online, passing up men as the primary online consumers. Though under half of the internet population is women, women generate 58 percent of e-commerce dollars.

62 percent of women admitting to multitasking with their media according to RetailerNow magazine. Within the female population, mothers are also leading smartphone and tablet usage. According to Arbitron and Edison research in February of 2012, 61 percent of American mothers with children under 18 had a smartphone as opposed to 44 percent of the general population. In addition, 1 in 5 of these moms had a tablet. Moms also top all categories of mobile usage such as texting, mobile banking and social media.

When it comes to marketing, the female audience may be the one to shoot for, given these numbers. The secret to appealing to American women, particularly American mothers, may lie in the use of social media, online advertising and text alerts, strategies that may not have been widely considered before. The lifestyle of the American mom is changing, she is more educated and tech-savvy than ever before and her buying power is only getting stronger and stronger.