We are living in the information age, and daily we share lots of information with the people around us like our colleagues, neighbors, friends and family. The sharing of information has now become the way of our life; some information is shared freely in the form of photos, ideas, opinions and our visits to different places, but there is also some information that we want to keep private. Privacy is most wanted thing in this information age, as the sharing experiences have completely changed.

In order to promote the products and make them more desirable for the consumer, marketers require some specific information. The liability that comes along with such specific information should be taken into consideration. The involvement in the legal proceedings is not good for the marketer, so this is why you should only consider the information you really need and never forget to ask for consumer’s consent. Asking for consumer’s consent will have a positive impact on your customers; this action will make them feel like a contributor and a helper for your company.  Customers generally feel good about these activities and actually enjoy them.

In this information age, you me and mostly everyone is accessible and has access anywhere at any time thanks to the internet and easy access  through mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Whether we are traveling on a train, walking on the subway or driving down the road (as a passenger), billboard ads are not only hanging up high on the walls but now these are in our hand held devices. The programming of our lives has been changed over the last few decades and now mobile devices mean a great deal in our lives. The urge for accessing information has now become the need of the day, thus sitting in our offices, in coffee shops or during little relaxing breaks; we can look for what movies are playing to ordering new work boots from WorkingPerson.com. The mobile devices such as Smartphone have proved to be great source of consumer’s access to the marketers and vice versa.

The privacy policies that provide protection to both the consumer and the marketer should be focused and made perfected. The privacy policies from the web mostly do not offer the disclosure that work with the Smartphone and are readable on such mobile devices. Mobile marketers can create an opportunity out of this and can turn this mobile privacy into a brand asset rather than a liability. This is a marketing secret that a good privacy policy can provide one product a great advantage over another.

Being a marketer, you are aware of the fact that utilizing mobile analytics providers will help promote your product. Be careful while collaborating with anyone; first know about their privacy standards, their procedures for collecting data and their strategies to utilize such data. Liabilities fall back to you; you can choose to collaborate with the right kind of people for the purpose of representing and promoting your products. We all are brought up learning to show courtesy towards others by saying thank you, please and always asking for consent, this the time you can utilize this life-long learning and can create good relationships with your consumers.