It is a daily routine of many professionals to make presentations in front of their bosses.

The chief strategy officer for N2growth, Mike Myatt has composed a list of top ten points that can help you tick off CEOs and will make you aware of the methods to avoid them. Here is that list:

  1. Killing the Boss’s time: If you are not ready for making presentation, then ask for some extension. Never make an unprepared attempt in front of the management, it will ruin your impression and you might not get a second chance. In case you extemporize, the chances of making mistakes get so high. When CEO’s guess that a presenter is extemporizing, and they often do then they might even play some mind games with you.
  2. Delivering twisted and half-truths: Do make the presentation that gives an impression of perfection but do not deliver twisted or half-truths. Make sure that all presented facts are precise and derived from a genuine source. Never undertake the statements that you cannot guarantee, e.g., this agenda will assure the 50 percent decrease in the injury rate.
  3. Presenting opinions as facts: When you make a presentation to your seniors or boss, make sure that you either fully cut off your opinions or own them clearly when it belongs to you.  Never present your opinions as facts; otherwise, you will lose your trustworthiness.
  4. Deliberately Promoting yourself: The presentations delivered to the higher authorities or boss often involves a number of people and point of views. If you give credit to others then you will be credited. Such attitude will show that you are a trustworthy team player and your topic is worthy of praise.
  5. Offering ideas conflicting with company’s values and vision: The presentation’s theme and ideas should match the corporate values and vision. If your presentation is not in line with the latest vision of the company then it will leave a bad impression. Always be aware of the plans of the company and then push your ideas in that direction rather than in the opposite one.
  6. Ignoring Corporate Culture: Keeping in mind the corporate culture while making a presentation is really a crucial thing. Corporate cultures vary a lot, they can lie anywhere on the spectrum of cluttered to uncluttered. Always finely evaluate your company’s culture before making presentation, this practice will let you that whether your idea is suitable for your company or not.
  7. Neglecting resourcing realities:  Always take into account the amount of human effort and capital needed to materialize your idea completely. Never overestimate your idea and avoid assumptions that your idea is such a great one that company will spend extra resources for it.
  8. Poor Timing: Your presentation timing should be appropriate; if your boss or CEO is dealing with an accident or any such event then you must cancel your appointment in time. Do not try to push your ideas in the company’s fourth quarter when the timing is not suitable.
  9. Lack of impact awareness across the project: Get some support from others that have good reputation in the eyes of those you are presenting to. This action will make your idea more reliable and approachable in the eyes of the higher authorities. In case the subject comes up in your meeting, then you will be ready and this might save your time.
  10. Proposing All Strategy and Not Tactics and Vice-versa: Even the minor details of your presentation have a great importance. Consider the conflicts regarding your strategy and come up with tactics to deal with them effectively. If you talk about the possible uncertainties involving your idea and present a solution to them then it will make the management to think that your efforts are worthy of consideration and your idea can be conducive.

It is highly recommended to all retail professionals who hold a great idea, to follow these top ten ways and get the most desirable results.