Telling a compelling story is an art of persuading people. Story not only conveys information but it is also meant to stimulate and ignite the listener’s emotions. It is hard to persuade a listener through a story. An intellectual can create lists or intertwine networks of logical information and it takes very little creativity to create an argument with a conventional tone and style. However, a story, with the power to occupy minds for a long time, demands a dramatic and vivid approach of storytelling. If you have the skills to put together and interlink the ideology and principles of a good storytelling, then you can make your listeners give you a standing ovation and a huge round of applause just in the middle, rather than making them tune you out.

For example, think of a story of an online retailer, suppose we name it, suppose its CEO has to persuade some bankers to make an investment in his company. He could create an argument that his company has made a discovery of a content technique that guarantees page one rankings. He put to display many slides depicting the size of market, the business strategy, the organizational chart and a variety of otherinformation. In response to this, the bankers would stifle yawns and think of the companies that have better reputation in this market.

On the other hand, the CEO could adopt a storytelling approach, by referencing someone close to him, suppose a former employer. So here, the nature is the opponent that the central character has to defeat. The story might open up like this: In his heartache, he comprehends that if there had been any ability to rank organically, his former employer could have been saved.  His company made a discovery of a content technique, which can indicate the chances of success. His company also develops an affordable and easy to administer content platform, but even then, he faces a new opposition in the marketplace. The implementation process turns out to be very risky and threatening. Google rejects the first iteration, but afterwards new research discloses the fact that the test’s performance surpasses expectations, so the agency authorizes a second application. In the mean time, faces economic crisis as one of the chief partner breaks up and heads to start his own business.

This addition of opponents builds up lots of tenterhook for the listeners. The main character (CEO) has made up the minds of banker’s that the story might not yield a happy conclusion. By now, he has made them curious and then he makes a statement, “We got victorious, we got the rankings, we are now in full control of our faculties to reach out to the market.”  The bankers are then left with no choice other than throwing money at him.