With the popularity of tablets and smartphones, marketers may need to change their strategies to capitalize on trend. Tablet and smartphone usage is widespread and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere as society becomes more open to multitasking and more accommodating to our short attention spans. Nielsen reports that people who own these devices are not using them alone, in fact, the numbers show that a vast majority of tablet and smartphone owners are using these devices while watching TV.  According to Peter Koeppel of Koeppel Direct, marketers must embrace this new dual-screen reality and use it to their advantage.

How can we capture the attention of our audience when it seems like it is being pulled in so many directions? The secret lies in making your brand present in the midst of all of this technology usage and making sure that consumer device activities include seeing and learning about your brand. One way to do this is to pay special attention to your SEO. SEO is essential to making sure your audiences’ Google searches lead them directly to your brand.

With so many people posting their thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, or as product reviews, you want to make sure you have an excellent online reputation. Your product or service must live up to all promises and you must be willing to support customers who have questions, comments and complaints. This is the best way to inspire your customers to share their good experiences with your brand online. Another great idea is to develop interactive technology, such as a smartphone app. This way, you maintain a presence on your audiencesí phone screen and it helps the consumer develop a relationship with your brand.

Coupling these new strategies with traditional ones can also help you benefit from the dual screen reality. It is important to keep in mind that consumers are attracted to great deals and bargains that seem rare or difficult to maintain, whether they are surfing the web or just doing their weekly grocery-shop. Adding this scarcity factor to your marketing campaign may tap into your audience’s traditional hunt for a great deal. Offline, as well as online, advertising needs to be spot-on even in our technology-driven society, so it is important to keep your campaign well-rounded even though is seems as though your audience is perpetually plugged-in.