Advertising on social mediaSo, you’ve probably heard that social media is a free way to advertise and in a sense this is a true statement. You can represent your business through your social media sites all you want and not pay a cent, but if you want all of your followers and their friends to see your ad, you are going to want to spend some money. Although you will be spending money, the money spent is significantly less than what your business would spend for radio or television spots.

At Working Person’s Store, we have tried many different avenues when it comes to advertising on social platforms. Everything from Promoted Tweets on Twitter, LinkedIn Ads, to paying to promote on Facebook. We’ve also used Yelp promotions. Just like choosing what social media sites you want to use, choosing which mediums to advertise through is an elimination process. Some will work for your business and some will not.

How do you deicide? Try some things out. For example, if you have a sale going on try promoting it through your Facebook page. Facebook gives many price ranges, the more you spend the more people will see the post, but depending on how many followers you have, you can probably start out small. For example, if you have 3,000 followers, start with the $20 promotion. That amount will give you the chance to reach up to almost 10,000 Facebook users and by doing so, the possibility of getting more followers is likely. Basically, the more money you spend, the more people you will reach.

Twitter is a bit different than Facebook. With Twitter your business will have to use what is called Promoted Tweets. There are a couple options to promote the tweets. You can manual pick the ones that you want to promote or you can let Twitter decide which tweets are the best ones to promote. When promoting on Twitter, you will select an amount that you want to spend on a daily basis. Advertising on LinkedIn is basically the same idea. You will write some ads promoting your products and pick an amount of money you want to spend daily.

Each of these social mediums also provide you with analytics showing how well your promotions (ads) are doing. Keep track of this. It’s the easiest way to figure out what advertising is working best for your business. We recommend keeping track of this information in a spreadsheet and comparing the data. Eventually, it will be clear what works for your company.

Although social media advertising is not free as many have been lead to believe, it can be a very affordable way to get your products and/or business out into the world. Just like choosing what medium to use, you need to experiment and find what way of advertising works best for you and your business.

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