These days, it is nearly impossible to be away from the Internet. Every company, regardless of the size, should have a webpage at the very least. By using the Internet and having what your business offers on a website can bring your company more profits than you could have 20 years ago by just advertising locally. Today the world wide web offers your company just that, THE WORLD!

Last week we touched on social media and that is a huge part of the online presence; however, there are many other ways to utilize the Internet. Having a website dedicated to your company is a huge aspect of having an online presence. Now, how do you go about getting a website? There are a few options, but always keep in mind what is most cost effective for your company. Do you have someone capable of building a site and do you have the capital to pay them? If so, that is your answer. There are also free websites that give you templates and walk you through making your own site. As always, do your research. Talk with your team and decide what would be the best for your company.

Another great way to get your company out into the world of the Internet is to start a blog. The blog should be relevant to your company. For example, if you sell goods such as clothing, have blog posts about the clothing you sell, the benefits of ¬†the clothing, what’s best for the season, etc. The more interesting the blog posts are, the more visitors your blog site will receive. Always remember to link parts of the blog posts to relevant areas of your website. The ultimate goal when selling goods or services online is to drive people to the website of your company.

So, how do people find out about your company’s website or the blog once it is started? Well, there is always social media to help introduce you sites to your fans, followers, and/or customers. Emailing customers is another wonderful way to get people to your sites. Collecting the emails of your customers can be done in a multitude of ways. Have them fill out a survey while they are at your physical location or mail out surveys with a spot to put their email address. A newsletter is a great thing to send out as well. Let your customers know what your company is up to. Have a spot on your company website where customers can sign up for the newsletter that will be sent electronically to their email. The more emails that are provided to your company, the more attention your company will receive on the Internet.

Living in the age of technology, there are so many opportunities to get your company out into the world. Using the Internet to your advantage is one of the best ways to get noticed!