After posting a job online, you probably get hundreds of résumés. How do you even begin to go through all of them? Finding someone to fill a position in your company can often be the most frustrating part of your job. So many choices, but you don’t have the time to go through every single résumé or to do some recruiting of your own. You could hire a recruiting company, or someone to do this for you, but sometimes that’s not in the budget. When your budget is tight and you need to find employees to fill positions in your company, the following tips can assist you in doing so.

First, when you post a job to an online job board, make sure to be as specific as possible. For example, make sure to specify the city in which you are posting the job; this will help to weed out applicants that are too far away. You also want to specify exactly what you are looking for in an applicant. Do you need someone that has exceptional writing skills? If so, put exactly that in your job posting. When you are as specific as you can be, less unqualified for the job applicants will apply.

Another way to be sure to get as many of the unqualified applicants out of the way is to give a small survey at the beginning of the applicant process. Target the questions to the specific job that you are hiring for. When looking for someone with top-notch writing skills, you might want to give them a sample assignment to turn in with their application. Tailor the survey, or sample assignment, to the job the applicants are applying for and you’ll get better results.

Your current employees can help with this search as well. Ask them if they are aware of anyone with the qualifications you are looking for. Your employees will not want to put their jobs at risk, so it is unlikely they will refer you to anyone who is not up to your specific needs. This can be a bit risky, as oftentimes people don’t see their friends and family in the same way an employer might, but it doesn’t hurt to put the word out.

One last great way to sift through the hundreds of resumes is to do a basic search through the résumé document. If you’re looking for that skilled writer, you might pull up your search bar and search for publications. By doing so, you’ll be directed to the publications section of the document, if there is one. This will allow you to see what kind of experience the applicant might have.

Don’t let finding new employees and résumés get you down. Even though they can be overwhelming, if you use some of the tips given above, you’re bound to let some of that stress go and hopefully find the right person for the job too!