Don’t let customer complaints get you down. You can’t please everyone, but you can take those complaints and turn them into a learning experience for your employees, as well as learn more about your business and how to make your customers have a better experience when dealing with your company.

If you’re a retailer, you know that people are often hard to please. The littlest mistake could turn a customer away from ever doing business with you again, unless handled properly. How can you properly handle a customer complaint, you might be wondering. Follow these steps and you’ll have the best chance at regaining the customer’s trust.

When a customer calls, emails, or visits your establishment to complain about the service they received, sincerely listen to him or her. Take everything they say into consideration and don’t interrupt them while they are speaking.

After you’ve listened to the customer, consider what he or she has said and do not take it lightly. Often times a complaint might seem trivial to the one listening, but the customer would not be complaining if it didn’t bother them.

Once you’ve considered what the customer has said, do your best to make his or her experience with you go as smooth as possible. Offer and/or suggest a solution to the customer’s complaint. (After these tips there will be an example at the bottom of this article).

Now that you’ve done everything in your power to help the customer with his or her plight, you’ll want to relay the interaction to your staff. Tell them how you handled the problem and make sure to use the interaction as a learning tool so your employees can deal with these issues in a similar manner.

Example: A customer gives your company a bad review. First, reach out to the customer and make sure to include a phone number and/or email address so the customer can respond to you and it won’t be on a public forum. Once the customer calls or emails, do your very best to rectify the situation. You might offer the customer a gift card or a coupon. You could also offer the customer something that is unique to your business, such as a tee shirt or something of the like. If the customer accepts your offer, be gracious and tell him or her that you look forward to serving him or her again.

Remember, some customers will not be as easy to satisfy. Always make sure to let your employees know that they will not be able to please everyone, regardless of what is offered to rectify the situation. Don’t get frustrated and always treat the customer with respect, regardless of how silly you find his or her complaint. When the customer feels respected, the likelihood of him or her returning is great and that’s exactly what you want: the repeat business.