This week is National Customer Service Week–a time to commemorate the frontlines of any organization. A customer’s experience with a representative from your company has a big impact to their overall satisfaction with your brand. To honor the week, we’re highlighting our top seven ways to improve the customer experience at your workplace.


  1. Create a vision for what your customer service experience should look and feel like:
    The masters of luxury and sophistication, Ritz Carlton, operate by the credo “We pledge to provide the finest personal service and facilities for our guests who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined ambiance …” This pledge sets clear expectations on how employees should carry themselves and deliver on service.
  2. Cultivate a culture of employee pride:
    When employees have a sense of pride in the company and the product, providing exceptional customer service comes more naturally to them. Employees gain pride in their place of work when they feel valued and engaged. It’s also important for them to understand and align with the company mission.
  3. Be honest and transparent:
    Being honest with customers will help build their trust. Coach your customer service employees to give clear responses, even if the answer is they don’t know, or if it brings up a shortcoming in your service or product. The employee can then follow up with the information the were looking for or an otherwise helpful solution.
  4. Leverage a mix of technology:
    Researching what type of technology your customers prefer—like QR codes, a company app or a mobile website–can go a long way to serve your target market. For example, the Working Person’s Store site makes browsing brands and prices a seamless process. We offer Live Chat during business hours and provide plenty of ways to give feedback. Our goal is to make shopping with us a pleasant and easy experience.
  5. Show genuine curiosity about your customers:
    Customers want to feel valued and important. Ask questions–when appropriate–about their lives to get to know them and remember the anecdotes they share. Understanding how they live and what they value will help you get know their needs better, which will allow you to better serve them.
  6. Give customers a channel to share:
    Gathering customer feedback–and acting on it when appropriate–can help build their trust. It will also help you improve your product and services. Let customers know when you’ve heard their feedback and have made changes to your offerings accordingly. Use multiple channels like email, phone and online surveys to gather your data.
  7. Have a strategy in place to address complaints:
    How you handle complaints is critical–it has the power to either strengthen a customer’s loyalty to your brand or to lose their business. The first step is to listen to their whole story with no interruptions. Use empathy to try and understand their feelings and help them learn their options on how to move forward. Make sure your employees know to share these complaints with others so they can be used as learning opportunities for others.


Effective customer service comes from building a strong strategy and compiling the right team. At Working Person’s Store, we’re thankful to have customer service employees who align with our mission and are happy to serve our clients.


Do you have a positive customer service experience that created loyalty to a brand? Share your story in the comments.