You likely have your phone next to you, possibly multiple tabs open on your internet browser–including your email that needs to be checked. These are just some of the many distractions vying for our attention every time we sit down to work. With so much noise going on around us it’s tough to break the cycle and get down to business.

Reclaiming focus is an important part of productivity in the workplace. As a leader, you can help your employees hone their skills in this area. Here are some helpful ways that you can help your employees focus at work:
Pinpoint problem areas:
Talk with your employees to try to identify what drives them to distraction throughout the day so you can address the issues headon. For example, are your customer service employees distracting your content staff with their phone calls? If so you should consider placing one of the teams in a different spot in the building.

Set the tone for engagement:

One way to get your employees engaged and focused in their work is to engage with them. At the start of each day, meet with your employees as a group to go over current projects and goals to help them stay on task. If you get a few minutes of face time with your staff in the morning it can help them remember the top priorities and how to move toward them.

Use distractions as opportunities:

By staying engaged with your workers and managers, you’ll be more attuned to who is struggling to focus. If you notice an employee constantly checking their phone or updating social media, for example, address the issue by coaching this person on how to refocus. Help them understand that their work truly matters and is more than just a list of “to-dos.”

Recognize hard work:

Give positive feedback when you notice an employee who shows motivation and hustle every day. Whether it’s through a formal or informal recognition program, be sure your managers take time to acknowledge their teams as well. When people realize that others are aware of and appreciate their initiative it will continue to spur them on to good work in the future. This recognition approach can also help inspire other employees who may struggle in this area.

Lead by example:

As a leader, your behavior must reflect the actions you want your employees to take. You need to show others that you believe in the work that you’re doing and are able to remain focused day after day. One practical way to stay sharp is to use your willpower to concentrate on what you’re working on and think about how good it will feel when you accomplish your work. When you do complete your task make sure to remember how you feel so you can use it to motivate yourself in the future.

Don’t let distractions at work impact the productivity at your business. Take steps to identify and address your unique issues and enjoy renewed energy and motivation within your organization.

What approach do you use to battle distractions at work and stay focused?