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My name is Eric Deniger and I love to merchandise and develop the branding that plays a role in product selection. Retailing is difficult and the creative process that drives business is what keeps me engaged.

Working Person’s Store was created by my dad and me in 1996 when we decided to turn a local shoe repair business generating less than $60,000 in annual revenue into an Inc. 500 company. In this blog I share stories of challenges, loneliness and triumph emblematic of the challenges and successes of a small business- a changing banking environment, vendor relationships, employees not engaged, uncooperative weather and other points of pressure along with the positive things like great customers, innovative product, successful marketing campaigns, invested employees and turning all of these factors into growth.

Why Read This Blog

“Never question in the dark what you clearly saw in the light”

Unique Experience. I started with a staff of one at our start to a high of 125; growing annual revenues from $60,000 to $25,000,000+; expanding into new channels of retail; brought in investors creating a highly complex capitalization table; constantly adapting to change. As we all run our business one decision at a time we are often times faced with decisions that can move our companies away from our strategic objectives. My point is that I have learned the hard way that there is no magic elixer and there isn’t a business messia that can “advise away” your problems. It takes planning, focus, commitment, hard work, conviction, vision and day-to-day management to find success in retail- online or offline. It takes time to define success so you know when you find it and these issues are discussed in my blog posts.

We are born with only so much youth and vitality. I have known people who lost their youth, health and their wealth with the closure of their retail stores and, in these instances anyway, all insulated themselves from counsel from people outside their organization. I get it- entrepreneurs tend to be independent and high drivers. But, for most of us retailers, our inventory is our retirement and we need to ensure our retirement is secure and doesn’t erode at any cost.

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