Five Ways to Halt the Spread of Rumors

Working To Control Rumors In The Workplace

Rumors – little snippets of unconfirmed information, usually of unclear origin, and usually spread by e-mail or word of mouth. We’ve all heard rumors and may have either inadvertently or purposely helped to spread them. Rumors are born out of and thrive on uncertainty, insecurity, and dissatisfaction. Left unchecked in an organization, the spread of rumors can be destructive to morale, productivity, and ultimately, to the overall health of the enterprise. Effectively circumventing the spread of rumors can mean the difference between an organization’s survival and failure in a crisis.

Here are some key practices we employ at Working Person’s Store to minimize the destructive effects of rumor-mongering. Continue Reading…

Blog Post Sharing

Reasons People Aren't Sharing Your Blog Posts

The Six Reasons No One is Sharing Your Blog Posts, and How to Fix That

As the business of e-commerce continues to evolve, many businesses have found blogging about their products and services to be highly beneficial. Blogs can be used in a number of different ways, from announcing sales and promotions, to alerting customers on the newest products, to how-to manuals on how to use the products, to entertaining posts that improve the business’ image, to ultimately driving customers to the sales page where they can buy products from the business.

Of course, a business’ blog will accomplish none of these things if nobody is reading it. There are countless blogs on the Internet that suffer this fate, for many reasons that I’ll get to in a moment. That said, the best way to spike the number of readers on your blog is to make it sharable. If what you wrote is interesting and impacts them, readers will want to share it with their friends by posting it on their Facebook page, Twitter or Google+ feed, or their own blog. Continue Reading…

Brand Giveaways Ignite Email List Growth

Use Brand Giveaways To Grow Your Email List

For many companies, creating an email list is a continual priority. Some entice customers to add their email with regular contests, giveaways, and coupons.

While creating this growth is essential to grow your marketing efforts, it can be a challenge for companies. With so many email coming at customers every day, people are become leery of adding theirs to a new list. Now, businesses must work to convince their customers that adding their company’s emails are worth it.

At, email is a great way for customers to receive the latest promotions and product additions. The site already makes it easy to access Specials, such as sale and clearance items. By signing up for their emails, customers are alerted to coupons and other deals.

Email is an extremely effective way of branding. As Shawn Myers, a product marketing manager for Responsys, stated, “Even as new things like social and mobile become important, email list growth is fundamental. You have to make it enticing and easy for people to sign up.” Continue Reading…

Mobile Surge for Shopping

Increase In Mobile Shopping

Mobile Surge for Shopping

Sending a text to a retail customer via cell phone isn’t a good enough way to connect anymore. Now, retail companies need to optimize mobile channels in such a way that customers can buy products, track pricing and comparison shop anytime and anyplace to remain current. This means businesses should have mobile versions of their websites in addition to custom mobile apps.

A February 2012 Consumer Electronics Association M-Commerce Forecast showed that 90% of consumers own a tablet, smartphone, or cell phone. Of that percentage, 37% participate in some form of mobile retail. Consumers spent an average of $642 on mobile purchases in the last 12 months, bringing the overall total to an astounding $124 billion. While the internet generated e-commerce, the iPhone and Android devices have spawned m-commerce.

Staples has greatly benefitted from m-commerce and now boasts mobile technology that allows consumers access to a virtual shopping cart in real-time, a GPS store locator, store inventory look-up and improved on-site searching. With an app and this mobile site, Staples is able to both research successful ways to interact with consumers via mobile devices and provide shoppers with easy ways to buy and compare. Continue Reading…

Coupon Code Convenience

Website Coupon Codes

Coupon Code Convenience

Everyone loves the rush a good deal provides. There are even TV shows dedicated to those obsessed with clipping coupons and buying only sale or clearance items. Retail businesses are increasingly using this avenue of marketing to attract and build customer loyalty as well as to enhance the shopping experience. But what if a customer realizes someone else benefitted from a discount they didnít get?

Many retail websites feature a fill-in box at checkout that asks the customer, “Do you have a promo code or coupon?”  While some may have a discount code, others are distracted by not having one. Now companies are adding phrases like “How do I get one?” or “Find one now.” Buyers feel the retail business is helping them get a better deal by linking to discounts. If a customer in search of a discount on the Macy’s website and they click “Find one now,” they are taken to a page that shows all current promotions, codes, and expiration dates. The convenience and option of not digging through the Sunday paper keeps more customers loyal. Continue Reading…

Seven Rules for Keeping Your Retail Customers

Seven Rules For Keeping Retail Customers

Seven Rules for Keeping Your Retail Customers

As any business knows, once a customer visits your store or site, it’s imperative to keep them coming back. Here is a list of seven rules every retail company should follow to maintain customer loyalty.

1. Know your customer. Companies know that consumer behavior is constantly changing; expectations from last year could be vastly different this year. With more shopping options available to consumers than ever before, it is essential that retailers constantly monitor customers and their behavior patterns. A customer’s needs should always be anticipated.  It is critical to have just what the customer wants in the quantity they need within the timeframe they have to have  it.

2. Do something. After watching customer behavior, it is necessary to act on what you learn. Based on what your retail business has learned, it should immediately implement actions that will, in turn, result in a return on investment.  In other words, what is good for the customer should also be good for your retail business.

3.  Price Matters. This rule involves accessing resources to ensure your retail business gives customers a better price than competitors. Continue Reading…

Why Our Customers Stay With Us

Customer Retention

Why Our Customers Stay With Us

As more choices have become available to consumers, many shoppers have become more well-informed and knowledgeable, raising the bar for companies to appeal to them. Coupon clipping is a way of life for many in this down economy, and customers expect retailers to empathize by keeping prices low.

This frugality has paved the way for less loyal shoppers driven mainly by price. A report from Planet Retail finds six key developments that will shape the world of private labeling in 2012 and beyond.

1. Customer endorsement. Because of heightened awareness from social media, customer endorsement is on the rise. Companies are involving customers in the decision-making process more often. This could be through feedback or new product suggestions. Asking customers for opinions on products both builds trust and ensures quality goods. At Working Person’s Store, we love to hear back from customers and are open to making changes so that shopping with us is an experience that keeps you coming back.

2. Cherry picking the tiers. If your business has a great product but another business has an equally great product at a lesser price, the consumer is going where it will hurt their wallets less. Working Person’s Store strives to give quality products at great prices so our loyal customers donít need to look elsewhere. Continue Reading…

Video Marketing Benefits

Video Marketing Benefits

Video Marketing Benefits

There is an old saying, “To see is to believe.” Consumers are visual and everything from advertising to store set up is meant to entice people. One medium that has been around and is still changing is video. With internet videos going viral, it is important for businesses to be current with consumer trends.

There are five tips to help cross-channel retailers take full advantage of all the benefits a video has to offer.

1. Create your own videos. No one can describe a brand or products better than the company that sells them can. That’s why businesses that made their own videos saw more than 70% of the top converting videos. Did you know that Working Person’s Store has a YouTube channel? On it, we display various products and show their functions so that our customers can make more informed decisions.

2. Shorter videos sell better. As a general practice, any videos should be kept short. Videos with the most converting lasted 30 seconds or less. Some products require longer videos, but our YouTube channel videos average below 1 minute to give customers a great visual review. Continue Reading…

Opportunities With QR Codes

QR Codes

QR Codes and the Opportunity They Present

Have you ever been at the grocery store and seen a pixilated square about the size of a bar code on some item? Perhaps you’ve seen one in a magazine? These are known as QR codes, and they are popping up everywhere; even our Working Person’s Store printed catalogs which can be viewed online at

QR, or quick response codes, are great marketing opportunities. These codes can be scanned instantly with a smartphone and they link to a company’s website, contact information, contest giveaways, URLs, etc. They are becoming more prevalent due to their accessibility and intrigue for users.  Because of the increase in popularity of smartphones, this easy-to-use technology has found its place in today’s marketing strategies. For the person that is environmentally conscious, QR codes save paper and manual data entry costs.

As QR codes have become increasingly popular, questions of their staying power have arisen. The answers are complicated. Often, technology is touch and go. What is a hit today may be out of style tomorrow. Thus, marketers need to use QR codes for more stable things instead of dated promotions. A need must be established that dictates how these codes are best used.

A recent study by comScore, Inc. found that 14 million Americans scanned QR codes via smartphones in just one month. Clearly, a huge market can be reached through this medium. Interestingly, young to middle-aged, upper-income men used the codes most of any age range and income level. The study also noted that the codes were scanned most when found in magazines, newspapers, and on product packaging. Continue Reading…

Protecting Customer Privacy

Protecting Customer PrivacyProtecting Customer Privacy

Marketers are able to put messages in front of audiences like never before due in part to the growth of smartphone technology. Anything from daily deals, store locations, and weekly ads can be seen in real time. Many people are attached to their mobile devices, so it is akin to walking around with a billboard in their pocket. This can be an incredibly powerful way to market to a variety of customers.

One problem that stems from this high level of connectedness is the potential for lack of privacy, which a national survey of smartphone users confirmed as their number one fear. Consumers are right, even wise, in this concern; many companies have had legal woes for taking sensitive data without user permission or even consciousness. The Federal Trade Commission has filed and settled lawsuits against two app developers in the last six months alone for violating set privacy policies.  Working Person’s Store understands those concerns and has gone to great lengths to ensure our customers’ privacy is protected at all times. Continue Reading…

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