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Inventory Classification- Department Level


Grouping of merchandise that could stand alone as a Specialty Store.  Each classification should account for at least 10% of your total revenues.

For example, WorkingPerson.com merchandises quality work footwear and clothing.  Our departments include:  Footwear, Workwear, Outerwear and Accessories.


A Personal Commitment For Success

I promise to

  1. Commit myself to taking steps toward greater self discipline and achievement.
  2. Keep a positive attitude at all times and avoid negative thinkers.
  3. Spend the time it takes to be successful.
  4. Keep focused on work during the week.
  5. Read and learn.
  6. Never become satisfied with my present skill level.
  7. Give myself a fair chance and not spend time looking for “greener pastures”. I will grow right here.
  8. Accept help or ask for help when I need it.
  9. Move the business forward every day.
  10. Make my goals that will force me to grow the business.

Interview Phase

Ask. Really, it’s that easy. Just ask the customer about their problem and they will give you all of the information you need to help them solve it. You can pose questions during the Interview Phase that will help uncover specific needs.

Situational Questions explore the customers specific needs or requirements.

“Does your work require you to follow a specific dress code?”
“When you travel, do you take more than one pair of shoes, perhaps for comfort or nightlife?”

Implication Questions identify a potential issue for the customer may have. This allows your associates to guide the customer to something that may solve their problem. Many buyers are simply trying to resolve a problem.

“Do you find that your feet hurt by the end of the day?”
“Do your footwear have time to dry in time for the beginning of your workday?”

Need/Payoff Questions suggest that if you are able to meet the customer’s needs and expectations, they will make a decision to purchase.

“Would it help you if were able to find a style that would be appropriate for work in colder temperatures?”
“Would you be interested in trying on some of our comfort shoes that would be appropriate to wear to work?”

After your associates feel comfortable that they have all of the information they need to be able to make strong recommendations, they can move to the Presentation Phase.